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Payment Options


The following payment options are accepted at Toronto Gold Bullion Inc.


You can pay cash at the store. If you want to order online first and come to the store to pay cash, you must do so on the same day. If you place an order online, you are obligated to pay for it even if you do not meet your obligation to pay the same day.



You can pay with your debit card in the store, there is no hold period for in store debit payments. 


Interac Online Debit

You can pay online by selecting the option for Interac Online Debit. This type of payment is made at the time you are placing your order. This is a very safe way to make payments online, which will take you directly to your financial instituton's login page. There is a clearing time of 2-4 business day for new clients. There is no clearing time for existing clients. 

Eligible Banks: BMO, RBC, Scotiabank, TD*

*Visa Debit cards do not work with Interac Online Debit


Email Money Transfer (Interac e-Transfer)

If you want to pay by email money transfer, your payment needs to be sent at the same time as placing your order. Please send your EMT promptly, if you have a limit on how much you can send per day, and your order is larger than the limit, you can send multiple payments. There is a clearing time of 10 business days for some email money transfers sent by new clients. There is no clearing time for existing clients*.

There may be a limit on the amount you are allowed to transfer per day, if you have reached the limit, you can send the remaining balances the following day.


Wire Transfer

This is the preferred method of payment for larger orders. Wire transfers have the fastest clearing time of all payment types. If you select wire transfer as your payment option, we will email you our bank account details for you to make a wire transfer. In some cases, if you pay for your order with a wire transfer, you will receive a coupon for future discounts. The clearing time for local CAD wire transfers is only 1 day. Foreign currencies and foreign jurisdictions may vary.


Bill Payment

Payee Name: Toronto Gold Bullion Inc. 
Eligible Banks: CIBC, Scotiabank, BMO, RBC, ATB


Certified Check, Bank Draft and Money Order

There may be a hold period for payments of Certified Check, Bank Draft and Money Order. The clearing time varies depending on what financial institution your funds are drawn from, how many times you have done business with us in the past, the duration of time you have had a business relationship with us, and the amount of your transaction. Please contact us to find out how long your hold time will be. The most common clearing time for new clients is 5 business days.


Regular Checks

Regular checks go on hold for various times depending on a variety of factors. Please inquire with us about the hold time prior to placing your order. Once your order is placed, we expect prompt payment.



Payment Clearing Periods: 



Interac Online Debit  E-transfer                      Bill Payment           Wire Transfer        Bank Draft/Certified Check
Personal Cheque
Existing Clients No Hold Period* No Hold Period No Hold Period 1 Business Day 1-5 Business Days 5-10 Business Days
New Clients 2-4 Business Days 10 Business Days 5 - 10 Business days 1 Business Day 5-10 Business Days 10-20 Business Days


*Please note that e-transfers from Tangerine will be on hold for 2 additional business days, regardless of customer status. 



In order order to avoid perceived fraudulent activity, Toronto Gold Bullion Inc. reserves the right to apply additional hold periods at its own sole discredtion.